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CIVINETs are networks of cities and relevant institutions that promote the CIVITAS approach, and strengthen local, regional and national capacity around sustainable urban mobility. Not only are they fostering international cooperation and networking, but they are also facilitating knowledge exchange and capacity building. In this way, they are emerging as pivotal players in promoting sustainable urban mobility across Europe. The recent activities and accomplishments of each of the eleven CIVINETs are listed below. Should you be interested in collaborating or connecting with any of the CIVINETs active in your region, you are warmly encouraged to check out their individual page and contact them directly:

  • CIVINET .BE is on a mission to expand its recently formed Belgian network, showcasing the added value it offers to interested municipalities through targeted activities and prioritising mobility issues selected by cities themselves.
  • CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republics has embarked on transformative initiatives, participated in international events, and organised seminars including "AIR + MOBILITY: Trends and Challenges in Green Mobility", through which it has addressed key advances in sustainable transportation.
  • CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum has launched a podcaset series that focuses on the recommendations of theReVeAL project. The network aims to make relevant information easily accessible to German-speaking cities
  • CIVINET Greece-Cyprusoffers comprehensive support to cities and promotes best practices. Its participation in European events ensures ongoing links with best practices and the broader CIVITAS Community.
  • CIVINET Iberia is building a strong foundation for sustainable transportation solutions in Spain and Portugal, by fostering essential discussions, idea exchanges, and regional knowledge sharing.
  • CIVINET Italia is aligning with CIVITAS to launch a series of activities aimed at supporting sustainable urban mobility initiatives. By liaising with new and potential members, the network is strengthening its presence in Italy and promoting European collaboration on urban mobility.
  • CIVINET Nederland has been bringing together local governments to work on sustainable, clean, and efficient transport systems for more than 10 years. It organises meetings, events, training, workshops, excursions, and newsletters, which are all accessible to its members.
  • CIVINET Polska is laying a solid foundation, through communication and dissemination efforts as well as event participation, by expanding its presence and supporting Polish cities in their transition towards sustainable urban mobility.
  • CIVINET Romania has witnessed significant development, driven by funding support and thematic discussions on child safety and school mobility, and is playing a vital role in shaping the urban mobility landscape in Romania.
  • CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-South East Europe iis contributing to the EU’s "100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030" mission through the organisation of forums and facilitation of exchanges on city experiences.
  • Magyar CIVINET serves as a platform for Hungarian cities to connect with European policies and share best practices, and strengthens local capacity through the organisation of workshops and dissemination activities.

Author: Fred DOTTER


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