The metaCCAZE project aims to revolutionise mobility in European cities, with electric, automated, and connected mobility solutions that prioritise zero emissions and efficiency.

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About the project

The metaCCAZE project aims to revolutionise mobility in European cities, serving both passengers and freight, with innovative electric, automated, and connected solutions designed to make transportation smarter, net zero, and more efficient for all. 

In the vibrant streets of four trailblazer cities – Amsterdam, Munich, Limassol, and Tampere – metaCCAZE tests and demonstrates technologies that support shared zero-emission mobility solutions for people and goods, contributing to climate neutrality. Successful technologies and activities will be shared with and implemented in six Follower Cities – Athens, Kraków, Gozo, Milan, Miskolc, and Poissy (Paris).  

To ensure the technologies meet the needs of citizens and urban mobility stakeholders, a series of co-creation activities will be organised locally in the cities.   ​

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Fast Facts

January 2024 – December 2027

Project duration


Project partners

€ 24.7 million

Project funding


Tamara Djukic
Project Coordinator

t.djukic [at]

Adélaïde Chopard
Dissemination Manager

adelaide.chopard [at]

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