The CIVITAS Initiative supports the youth contribution to transport and mobility through the CIVITAS Educational Network and Mobility Powered by Youth activities and events.

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Young people have an integral role to play in the sustainable urban mobility conversation. Their fresh perspectives are a valuable source of insight for decision-makers responsible for shaping mobility at the local, regional and international levels.

The CIVITAS Initiative involves young people in two ways. first through its Educational Network, which enables cooperation between educational institutes active in the field of urban mobility; and second through activities and events, known as Mobility Powered by Youth. These events often aim to connect young people with mobility decision-makers, so that their ideas and perspectives can be heard on a larger stage.

To become involved in Mobility Powered by Youth events, monitor this page for new calls for participation, or follow our social media channels.

Read more about the Educational Network below. Check out the recently published CIVITAS Catalogue on Education in Urban Mobility here.
For any outstanding questions, please contact: Nina Nesterova - Nesterova [dot] N [at] buas [dot] nl

News and Open Calls

CIVITAS Educational Network

The CIVITAS Educational Network enables cooperation between educational institutes active in the field of urban mobility. The creation of the Network was inspired by the results of a survey conducted by CIVITAS in 2021, which indicated the value of such a network for allowing greater structural cooperation among universities. Launched in early 2022, the CIVITAS Educational Network has rolled out activities in three main domains:

  • Student exchange
    Student exchanges enable both students and academic staff to discover unique approaches to urban mobility, thereby strengthening the students’ position in the international labour market. Exchanges can take place in a variety of forms, but generally focus on the facilitation of cooperation in the urban mobility field.
  • Knowledge exchange
    Educational institutions worldwide generate outputs of their teaching and research activities, such as methodologies, results and instruments. An exchange of knowledge between institutions help promote the discovery of new approaches to urban mobility challenges. Such exchanges can consist of guest lectures, curriculum exchanges, and more.
  • Joint Master programmes
    By exploring the opportunities and interests between institutions, the Network aspires to establish joint Master programmes. Such programmes are advantageous for students because they provide exposure to an international curriculum and foster multicultural skills; whereas participating faculty have the opportunity to learn about other teaching and learning methods, as well as student diversity in the classroom.

The desired long-term outcome of this initiative is to have a self-sufficient network of cooperating universities, which pursues an interdisciplinary and international approach to urban mobility education. At the end of 2022, a guide will be published that provides a complete overview of opportunities for interested students and universities.

How to join?

For educational institutions interesting in joining the CIVITAS Educational Network, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Fill in the survey to specify your interests:
  2. Fill in your profile information through this form: 
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