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The CIVINET ROMANIA National Network is intended for cities in Romania and areas where the Romanian language is used, to share experience and best practices in the development and implementation of sustainable urban mobility strategies, policies and measures in this field. The network is open to local authorities (municipalities, county councils, metropolitan areas, ministries), but also to associations, research centers, universities and other organizations (both public and private sector) that have an interest in urban transport.

CIVINET is the only network in Romania that aims to promote the CIVITAS approach in the field of integrated sustainable mobility and its principles.


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Member Benefits

As a member of the CIVINET ROMANIA National Network you have the opportunity to:

  • Share best practice: Members have access to cutting-edge information on topics such as active travel, passenger transport, clean fuels and vehicles, freight transport, demand management and sustainable urban mobility plans.
  • Talk to the right people: Join a social network of technical experts, decision makers on transport policy issues and legislation.
  • Have meetings and attend specialist events: hosted networking conferences, workshops, training courses and webinars; Quarterly newsletters, plus ad hoc news bulletins on breaking topics; website resources; All of these are available to all members.
  • Present your organization's results: there are opportunities to promote your projects at CIVINET events or in newsletters, on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • Access to EU projects: including CIVITAS initiatives, such as trainings and participation in programs that promote the exchange of experience in other cities; quick access to opportunities to participate in other EU projects.
  • Get advice on funding from other EU / national sources for sustainable transport projects


The current members of CIVINET ROMANIA are local public administrations, metropolitan associations, organizations active in the field of urban mobility and transport, local public transport companies, commercial companies.

According to the Network Statute, full membership (with full voting rights) can be held by any local authority (municipalities, county councils, metropolitan areas, ministries), and associate membership is open to associations, research centers, universities and other organizations (both public and private sector) which, although not public administrations, have an interest in urban transport.

Current members:

Join us

To join the CIVINET ROMANIA Network, we invite you to write to us at civinet-romania [at] civitas [dot] eu

to provide you with more information about the network.

Access to CIVINET ROMANIA is done by written application. The written request will be made on a standard form that you can find in the download section and will be accompanied by a statement of intent by which the applicant declares his interest in:

  • Supporting the development and implementation of sustainable urban transport policies by integrating innovative measures, technologies and infrastructure;
  • Supporting the objectives and approach of the CIVITAS Initiative;
  • Participation in the events organized by the Network aimed at the exchange of experience between the members of the Network.


For more information about the activity of the CIVINET ROMANIA Network, please contact the secretariat at: civinet-romania [at] civitas [dot] eu


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