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Learning centre

Learning Centre

CIVITAS supports the continuous development of expertise of urban mobility practitioners. In the CIVITAS Learning Centre, you can be guided to a higher level of knowledge and/or skills.

The CIVITAS Learning Centre is built around 3 ‘types’ of learning: in-person training, e-courses and placements.

The in-person training gives you the opportunity to learn with others, to exchange knowledge and experience with other mobility experts. You translate the knowledge into practice with dedicated assignments.

Training is given by excellent teachers that focus on imparting knowledge but also on cultivating skills.

The e-course(s) can be followed individually online. You can take all time that is needed to gain new knowledge, take note of other cities measures, and translate this for your own practice.

The placement  is the ultimate chance to work on a concrete local challenge in a new environment. Developing new skills is important, with an emphasis on ‘do and experience’. You reflect on you own learning process and prepare a portfolio about it



Certificates signed by the European Commission will be awarded for successfully completed tests.


The language in the CIVITAS Learning Centre is English, although placements can also be offered in the local language to avoid cultural and language barriers.


Interested in learning more?

For further information on the CIVITAS Learning centre or the full curriculum, please contact us at

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