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CIVINET Iberia is the local network of CIVITAS in Spain and Portugal, whose central purpose is to promote sustainable mobility in both countries. We are a Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking team working with and for cities.

The objective of CIVINET Iberia is the transfer of knowledge and best practices and the creation of joint projects on sustainable and user-centered transport. Through exchange between key actors, community building and capacity building, CIVINET IBERIA will foster political commitment and drive collective expertise, equipping cities with the necessary tools to put mobility at the heart of decarbonisation.

Our vision is based on:

  • Improving urban and peri-urban mobility and logistics while helping cities achieve zero-emission targets and increasing the liveability of their cities.
  • Providing access to knowledge and exchange between urban professionals
  • Facilitate collaboration between cities and other partners
  • Allow:
    • Improvement of public contracting
    • Support measures in the adaptation of regulations
    • Access to financing opportunities
    • Greater commitment and acceptance
  • Enhancing the uptake of innovative solutions
  • Raising awareness of all stakeholders and disseminating the achievements of network members


  • Promote active mobility
  • Promote the use of clean and energy-efficient vehicles
  • Promote collective passenger transport and shared mobility
  • Direct travel demand towards sustainable modes of travel
  • Promote integrated planning to create liveable and inclusive cities
  • Encouraging participation and co-creation with citizens
  • Ensuring road safety in urban environments
  • Promoting smart and connected mobility to foster decarbonisation
  • Design cleaner and more efficient last mile urban logistics.

Join us

Join us: civinet-iberia [at] civitas [dot] eu


Gretel Schaj, MSc. Network coordinator: gretel [at] bable-smartcities [dot] eu


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