CIVITAS National Networks (CIVINETs)

CIVINETs are networks of cities and institutions that promote the CIVITAS approach at the local level.

Differentiated by region and clustered by language, CIVINET members work together to engage at both European and national levels on transport policy, legislation and funding. CIVINETs work independently but also cooperate with each other to share learning and experiences on sustainable urban mobility.

The CIVINETs have the opportunity to apply annually to receive funding to pursue their activities from the CIVINET Activity Fund.

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CIVINET Opportunities Hub

The CIVINET Hub was created in 2021 in order to support CIVINETs in assessing and accessing local and international financial, capacity-building, and advocacy opportunities for themselves and their members. It acts in full coordination with CIVITAS ELEVATE, complementing its efforts in regards to the CIVINETs’ financial sustainability support, increased capacity, and networking.

Upcoming Opportunities


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