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CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE

CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia was established in 2013 as a network of cities and other stakeholders from two neighbouring countries that deal with sustainable mobility planning and traffic management. The objective of the network is knowledge sharing and good practice exchange, as well as implementation of partner projects which are meant to finance future sustainable mobility activities. We are proud to have more than 170 members, which makes us the most numerous network. Considering we are made up of countries with smaller populations, we consider this to be a huge success.

Networking and all forms of cooperation are welcome for more effective urban traffic and mobility problem solving, thus enabling better usage of EU funds. Besides members from Slovenia and Croatia, we also attract cities and other stakeholders from the region of South East Europe.  In order to enhance conditions for sustainable development that contributes to the prosperity and a better future for our cities, states and regions, during the 3rd Assembly held in February 2016,  the name of the network was changed to CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia - South East Europe (SEE).

CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE disseminates its news via an E-news bulletin, sent 10-15 times annually.


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Our Work

The CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE was established in 2013, during the conference "Cycling in Central and Eastern Europe", organised in Ljubljana. It was then when an interest in cooperation between Croatian and Slovenian cities was established. Other CIVINET milestones include:


  • Organised the workshop “Safe areas around schools” in the City of Koprivnica, in the scope of CIVITAS CAPITAL Activity fund
  • Organised together with the City of Zagreb a “BOB - Bike on Bus” workshop


  • Attended a Study visit focused on traffic calming, car-free lifestyles and better parking management in Zürich/Luzern
  • Organised the seminar "Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans-SUMP" together with the European Platform for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions) and the CIVITAS project DYN@MO
  • Hosted a Study tour to Ljubljana to discuss pedestrian zone planning, logistics and suburban bus line extension


  • Attended a Study tour in Graz, Austria hosted by the CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum and Magyar CIVINET
  • Hosted the workshop “Pedestrians and cyclists – how to get along in the city centre?” in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Organised a workshop on cycling and health together with the Regional Environmental Center in cooperation with the Slovenian cycling network and the municipality of Kranj


  • Participated and presented at the European SUMP conference
  • Hosted a round table on integrated town planning and SUMPs, attended by 60+ participants
  • Participated in the 6th International Conference 'Towards a Humane City' in Novi Sad


  • Hosted a free-of-charge training opportunity on design and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)

  • Hosted a Round table on SUMPs in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Organised the 'Plan and combine!' educational workshop on new concepts of spatial - urban planning, which focused on multimodality in spatial planning and urban planning


  • Hosted a Round table on safety of non-motorised traffic together with CIVINET members ODRAZ and Zagreb Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, in cooperation with Pro Velo Swiss
  • Organized a workshop on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for city representatives and other stakeholders involved in integrated traffic planning
  • Attended the CIVITAS Forum 2019, in Graz, Austria, where member Lidija Pavic-Rogosic received a Lifetime Award for her exceptional commitment and active contribution to the CIVITAS Initiative


  • Hosted an online Workshop on Micromobility within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which discussed the acceleration of road space reallocation measures and pop-up cycling infrastructure.
  • Hosted the online workshop “Public space and mobility planning”, which explored public space and reallocation of space in the context of urban and mobility planning affected by COVID-19.
  • Presented the Network and activities of the CIVINET at final conference of the project “Sustainable safety of non-motorized transport in urban areas”,  Conference "Planning of non-motorized traffic - yesterday, today, tomorrow" - Odraz


  • Starting from 1st January 2021, City of Zagreb became a Network coordinator for the next four years.

Planned activities in 2021:

  • Webinar on mobility in the time of COVID-19, April 2021
  • Webinar on clean vehicles and new technologies, May 2021
  • General Assembly and round table, Šibenik, June 2021


CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE currently has 171 members: 44 from Slovenia, 72 from Croatia and 55 members from Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Cities make up 66 of those members.

Other important sustainable mobility stakeholders include: civil society organisations, public transport providers, institutes, ministries, etc. Since the Assembly in 2015, individual experts can be members, as well.

Join us

Please fill-in the membership application, located at the bottom of the page; write a short motivation letter and send it to the Croatian Secretariat at civinet [at] odraz [dot] hr


Network coordinator: Srđan Škunca vlado [dot] babic [at] ljubljana [dot] si

President of Political Committee: Marko Filipović vlado [dot] babic [at] ljubljana [dot] si

Network Secretariat: Lidija Pavić-Rogošić: lidija [at] odraz [dot] hr


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