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Calling all representatives of CIVITAS cities! Join us at the next PEF meeting!
The next meeting will take place on 1 October 2024, from 9:00-13:00, during at the CIVITAS Forum 2024, in Parma, Italy.
Check out the agenda here, and register here.

Inspiring dialogue about urban mobility policy in Europe

The Politicians Exchange Forum (PEF), established as part of the CIVITAS Initiative, serves as a robust and open platform for local politicians from the City Network to actively engage, collaborate, and exchange knowledge in the realm of sustainable urban mobility. In addition, the PEF offers an opportunity for local politicians to participate in dialogue and idea-sharing with high-level representatives of the European Commission (EC) and stakeholders from the sector on various urban mobility aspects.

The PEF convenes twice per year: once in Spring, jointly with the CIVINET Forum, and once in the Autumn during the CIVITAS Forum Conference or the Urban Mobility Days.

The PEF has the following main roles and objectives:

  • Facilitate engagement and exchange between local politicians, representatives of the European Commission and key stakeholders focused on sustainable urban mobility topics within the ten Thematic Areas of the CIVITAS Initiative.
  • Ensure the integration of political insights and city-specific needs into CIVITAS. This enables tailored and context-specific solutions for sustainable urban mobility.
  • Foster networking, peer-learning, and exchange of best practices among local politicians working on sustainable urban mobility.
  • Promote diverse participation of politicians from the CIVITAS Member Cities to enrich discussions and perspectives.
  • Foster collaboration with CIVITAS National Networks (CIVINETs), CIVITAS clusters/projects, and stakeholders to address urban mobility challenges holistically.


PEF group photo

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Interested in joining the next PEF meeting?

The next PEF meeting will take place in Parma on 1 October 2024 (09:00-13:00), just before the start of the CIVITAS Forum 2024. All political representatives from CIVITAS cities are warmly encouraged to register to join the PEF meeting.

Interested in attending the event? Check out the agenda here, and express your interest here by 26 July 2024!

Please be mindful that we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity. Thus, we endeavour to maintain a balanced representation across geographical regions, genders, and city sizes. Consequently, we reserve the right to apply these criteria in the selection process for PEF meeting participants.


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