UNCHAIN transforms urban logistics for sustainable cities with 12 data-driven services, optimizing transport, fostering data exchange, and fostering collaboration for smarter, eco-friendly urban environments.


About the project

In today's fast-paced world, online shopping's convenience fuels the rising demand for last-mile delivery. However, this exponential growth strains urban spaces, causing congestion, pollution, and inefficiency. The UNCHAIN project is on a mission to revolutionize urban logistics, creating sustainable, resilient cities.

Cities power global GDP but also emissions, with e-commerce exacerbating challenges for planners, policymakers, and logistics providers, especially in last-mile delivery energy consumption and space usage.

Urban Freight Distribution is vital but adds to congestion and pollution. UNCHAIN, with 7 European cities, integrates data to develop 12 data-driven city services, addressing congestion, safety, and environmental issues.

UNCHAIN aims to foster public-private data exchange and interoperability, creating a European space for mobility data. By collaborating between authorities and logistics stakeholders, it optimizes urban logistics, moving toward sustainable cities.

Through innovation and collaboration, UNCHAIN makes urban logistics sustainable, benefiting cities, logistics operators and urban citizens. 

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Fast Facts


Number of partners

€ 8.43 million

Project funding

May 2023 - October 2026

Project duration

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Elena García Jiménez
Project coordinator

elenagarcia.etraid [at] grupoetra.com

Zsofia Jakoi
Communication and Dissemination Manager

zjakoi [at] polisnetwork.eu

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