JUST STREETS aims to revolutionize public spaces and streets by prioritizing just and active mobility, while championing sustainability and inclusivity for all.


About the project

JUST STREETS supports 8 pilot cities and 4 follower cities in transforming cities’ car-centered mobility narratives that take for granted that streets are for motorized traffic only. The project addresses the pressing need to reshape our streets both from an infrastructural and behavioural dimensions, sharing the generated “how-to-do-it” knowledge with hundreds of cities for rapid replication across Europe. In close collaboration with citizens, policy makers, experts, and interest groups the project will not only develop a new vision of spatial justice where streets become public space for all, but equally important find ways to rapidly implement changes.

The focus extends to marginalized groups, including migrants, LGBTQI+ communities and individuals with disabilities, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but actively incorporated into the planning and development process.

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Fast Facts

January 2024 - June 2027

Project duration


Project partners

€ 10,674,783

Project funding

Thematic areas

Active mobility
  • Walking
  • Cycling

Smart, Sustainable, Connected and Shared mobility
  • Connected and automated transport
  • Real-time road-user information
  • ITS-based enhancement of public transport
  • ITS for traffic

Behavioural change & mobility management
  • Mobility Planning

Integrated & inclusive planning
  • Spatial planning / land-use planning
  • Multimodal hubs
  • Cooperation of policy fields and institutional stakeholders
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans - SUMP

Public participation & co-creation


Giulia Melis

Giulia.melis [at] linksfoundation.com

Francesca Blanc

Francesca.blanc [at] linksfoundation.com

Elisabeth Meze
Dissemination Manager

Elisabeth [at] urban-future.org

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