Become a CIVITAS Member

Cities that become CIVITAS members join a thriving community of over 380+ peers committed to sustainable and smart mobility. Membership is free and open to all who sign the CIVITAS City Declaration.

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The benefits of joining

Being a CIVITAS member and active within the community offers a multitude of advantages.

1. International exchange for local impact

The CIVITAS network is an ideal environment to exchange expertise, ideas and best practice with peers. This keeps CIVITAS cities informed of the latest urban mobility innovation and equips them to meet their own local sustainability goals.

2. Increased visibility

Members can showcase their work on CIVITAS' multiple channels including the website, social media, and MOVE newsletter. In addition, each member has its own dedicated page and can present at the flagship CIVITAS Forum events.

3. EU policy engagement

Political representatives from CIVITAS cities can join the CIVITAS Politicians Exchange Forum. This group of local politicians acts as an advisory board to the CIVITAS Initiative and meets with the European Commission to give a local perspective on EU mobility policy.

4. Recognition of excellence

Members can apply for the CIVITAS Awards. These annual prizes given by the European Commission recognise some of the most daring sustainable urban mobility work in Europe.

Becoming a CIVITAS city

To become a member, cities should be committed to introducing an ambitious sustainable urban mobility policy, to contributing to fulfilling the aims of the CIVITAS Initiative, and to engaging with others in the CIVITAS community by sharing experiences.

This commitment is shown by having a local politician with executive power, such as Councillor or (Vice) Mayor, sign the CIVITAS City Declaration. With this in mind, follow these easy steps to become a member:

  • Download the CIVITAS City Declaration.
  • Complete and sign the CIVITAS City Declaration.
  • Send the CIVITAS City Declaration to the CIVITAS Secretariat at secretariat [at] civitas [dot] eu

Once the CIVITAS City Declaration has been reviewed and approved, your city will receive a confirmation letter and welcome package from the CIVITAS Secretariat. You will then be asked to provide pictures and information (in English) for your city's page on the CIVITAS website.


Should you have any questions, please contact us at secretariat [at] civitas [dot] eu.

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