Introducing clean vehicles into the urban bus fleet

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As part of Potenza’s efforts to promote sustainable mobility, cleaner fuels were introduced into the public transport fleet to improve air quality.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Prior to measure implementation, the public transport bus fleet comprised 43 vehicles, with an average age of 11 years. The fleet was a long way from compliance with European and Italian standards for sustainability. Of the 43 vehicles, 15 did not comply with European emission standards, 17 were of Euro 2 standard, and only 11 Euro 3 standard. All buses ran on conventional fuel (diesel), with no use of alternative fuels.

The objectives of the measure were therefore to:

  • introduce energy-efficient, cost-effective and clean vehicles into the urban bus fleet;
  • improve urban air quality; and
  • boost public transport passenger numbers.


Two options for alternative fuel were explored in the course of market research carried out in 2006: liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG/methane). After analysing vehicle types and filling stations, and bearing in mind the availability of methane locally, it was decided to purchase CNG vehicles and a tender was issued for four buses in 2007/2008.


The new buses were delivered in September 2008 and comply with European Directive 2001/27/CE at the level of enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle (EEV). The replacement of old and polluting diesel public transport buses with new four CNG (methane) buses made a significant impact in the small town of Potenza. Awareness was raised among politicians and technicians of the need for clean vehicles, leading to additional funds being made available to renew the entire public bus fleet.

During the implementation period, positive results in terms of emissions were achieved, with reductions in amounts of hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates.



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