Potenza (Italy)

Situated in southern Italy, Potenza is the capital of the province of Potenza and of the Basilicata region. The municipality covers an area of more than 170 square kilometres and has a population of around 70,000 people. Traces of the city’s medieval past have been preserved, despite several earthquakes over the centuries.

Potenza is currently undergoing a process of renewal: commercial activities are increasing and the food, metal, plastics, electronics and clothing industries are developing. At the same time, the Potenza authorities are recognising the importance of sustainable development and are giving particular attention to the field of transportation. The ambitious local policy goal is to create a vital and attractive city with a sustainable, safe and flexible transportation system that enables citizens to lead an active lifestyle independent of private car ownership and use. The city boasts one of the largest pedestrian mobility support systems within the EU. Elevators and escalators provide access to the historical city centre and are linked to a car park interchange close to the main entry points. The public transport system is being overhauled and an integrated scheme under development at regional level will enable passengers to reach the city more easily. Within the CIVITAS framework, a mobility centre will be set up to coordinate activities and to raise awareness among citizens and visitors.


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