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A public bicycle hire scheme was trialled in the city of Bath by Bicincittà.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The aim of the measure was to introduce a public bicycle hire scheme in the City of Bath, to provide improved modal and travel option choices for residents and visitors. The measure sought to encouraging cycling and to improve the modal shift between the bicycle and private car, with consequential reductions in pollution, energy usage and traffic congestion.

Four cycle hire stations were established around the centre of Bath, each with the capacity to accommodate up to 15 cycles.  


The locations for the four cycle stations were identified and necessary permissions granted for on-street works. The cycle stations were then installed and the demonstration project commenced in September 2011.

A local business, John’s Bikes, was contracted to maintain both the cycle stations and the bikes themselves.

The demonstration project was completed on 24th August 2012.


1) 4 docking stations with 58 racks were introduced in the city centre.

2) 35 hire bikes were provided.

3) 50-60% of the bicycle fleet was expected to be in use at least once during morning and afternoon peak hours (based on demonstration partner’s experience in Italian cities).

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