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Visual Story Competition

Note: this page has been updated since it was first published to showcase the recently announced competition winners.

To accompany the transition from the 2022 European Year of Youth to the 2023 European Year of Skills, the CIVITAS Initiative was delighted to host a Visual Story Competition. The competition looked to young people, specifically those aged 18-27, to answer challenging questions about the future of mobility through visual storytelling.

Applicants were invited to share a "visual story" comprised of photos and/or illustrations that are accompanied by a written story line. The visual stories, which connected to one or more of the 10 CIVITAS Thematic Areas, invited young people to reflect on: what they would like to see for the future of mobility; what they would not like to see; and what skills they need to achieve their dream mobility future.

Three impressive winners were selected, each of whom won a one month Interrail pass! These winners were:

Image of Hanna Wisser provided by Hanna Wisser

“I seek to portray a vision of a future sustainable and mobile world through a calm, natural and modern symbolism. Individual/fossil transport has no future and sustainable and collective forms of mobility have to take its place.”

Click here to see Hanna’s winning submission!

Stijn Meij

Image by Stijn Meij

“By spreading and learning from each other's knowledge we turn Europe into a cycling continent. Because cycling is the most sustainable, healthy and efficient way of transport. So Europe, let's ride our bicycles!”

Click here to see Stijn’s winning submission!

Vilém Honysz

Image by Vilém Honysz

“The change is not about the advent of electric mobility, as cars will occupy the same acreage of parking spaces and lanes. The change is that we will improve conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.”

Click here to see Vilém’s winning submission!

To learn more about the competition, read the official text here. Applications were submitted together with the Submission Form. Submissions were accepted until 27 February 2023 at 17:00 CET, Brussels time.


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