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  • Data gathering
  • Dissemination and communication
  • Exploitation and business plans

Tool Type

  • Mobile app

Target Audience

  • Metropolitan regions


Stickyworld is a cloud-based crowdsourcing and consultation platform that makes it easy for professionals to engage and involve people outside their core team. It enables city and government teams to capture and build on the enormous value that resides in the ideas and feedback of employees, citizens, communities and stakeholders, and to manage their engagement.

Stickyworld's all-in-one solution is simple and flexible enough for any user in a government organisation to quickly publish an engagement website to suit their purposes, audience type, topic, method of engagement, timeframe and objectives. For public sector urban mobility projects, Stickyworld provides the capability of easily engaging customers and citizens using multimedia and data and hosting clearer conversations online about proposed transport innovation and services, including the ability to test a wide range of use cases across multiple locations. The combined use of media and data makes it easy to explain ideas and propositions and to host a conversation with different stakeholders from which to extract valuable insights to inform product or service development.

Stickyworld can be used by project partners throughout each stage of an urban mobility project - from gathering initial ideas and feedback, understanding the factors driving user acceptance to testing business models.

Stickyworld can play a key role in providing the data to ensure urban projects are people-friendly, enabling inclusion of all views across multiple demographics and geographies.

Good Example

The Smart City of Tallinn in Estonia set up a Stickyworld portal to share plans for a new high street with citizens and to crowdsource design ideas. The online citizen consultation and ideas forum was run by the Estonian Government, the Tallinn City Government and others running the Peatnav (High Street) urban renewal project. Many useful ideas were gathered informing the project and providing evidence to city officials of the desire for public change and how it can best be achieved.

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Basic Information

July 2017
Stickyworld is a software-as-a-service on The starter package (from £200 / month) includes a one off set up and basic training. Details at
Creating participatory websites on the Stickyworld platform can take from a number of hours, to a number of days. The time it takes to set up depends on the complexity of the engagement and whether content exists or has to be prepared.
The pricing plan includes one-time set up and training. Additional support is available as in-app chat. We also share tips and tricks and we follow up by sending you the guides that you need to be successful.


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