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CIVITAS PORTIS will test innovative and sustainable urban mobility solutions in five European port cities.

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  • Improve governance for an enhanced cooperation between cities and ports 

  • Create more sustainable and healthier city-port environments 

  • Shape more integrated transport infrastructure and mobility systems 

  • Improve the efficiency of urban freight transport


The five living labs will implement mobility measures, supporting their multifunctional role of cities, ports and gateways to inland areas. The project aims to show that sustainable mobility can increase functional and social cohesion between city centres and ports, while pushing the economy forward and boosting the allure of modern urban environments.

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Antwerp's work in supporting electric vehicles, and Klaipeda's innovations to improve urban freight logistics provide a snapshot of the successes of PORTIS cities.
A new transport information platform in the Italian port city - created under CIVITAS PORTIS - will make it far easier for both residents and visitors to travel sustainably.
Smart Ways to Antwerp – the Belgian city’s programme to stimulate sustainable mobility behaviour – wants to prevent the modal split from tilting back in favour of the car in light of ongoing safety concerns.
Through CIVITAS PORTIS, five European port cities are innovating and implementing solutions to drive a shift towards sustainable mobility and away from private car usage.
A forthcoming series of webinars from CIVITAS PORTIS will look at how to achieve mobility behaviour change. The first of these will take place on 30 April.
An environmentally-friendly bus line within the Port has been proposed to serve workers’ commutes and to mitigate the number of additional and unnecessary vehicles accessing the port platform. Through CIVITAS PORTIS, alternative energy sources from...
Under CIVITAS PORTIS, five geographically, culturally and climatically diverse port cities are implementing innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions. After more than two years of preparing, testing and applying these measures, the five cities...
The transport network of the Aberdeen City Region (ACR) is in a period of transformational change, underpinned by significant investment at local, regional and national levels. Its involvement in CIVITAS PORTIS is helping drive forward this shift.
The CIVITAS PORTIS cities Antwerp (Belgium), Aberdeen (UK), Constanta (Romania) and Klaipeda (Lithuania), recently took part in an exchange visit to Ningbo, the project's partner city in China.
Trieste’s “Traffic Plan 4.0” – as the latest iteration of the city’s mobility plan has become known - will see the light of day by the end of 2019. This forms part of the city’s ambitious Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). But what makes this...
Now marks an exciting time for mobility in Aberdeen (UK) - a number of major initiatives are on the horizon for making car-free transport easier in Scotland's third largest city.
The second issue of the CIVITAS PORTIS Innovation E-Brochure is now available to read online. This edition focuses on smart mobility tools and linked behavioural change initiatives.
Transport and how people and goods move around is changing in and around Aberdeen, Scotland. Its work in CIVITAS PORTIS project is contributing to this change.
The route planner combines routes on foot with those on (folding) bikes, the city's Velo shared bikes, tram, bus, train, and car. In this way, they are multimodal. For instance, a proposed route might require travellers to take their car or bike to...
In April, a new e-ticketing system was introduced on public transport in Klaipėda (Lithuania), one of the five CIVITAS PORTIS project cities. Initially, it is being trialled in a fleet of new minibuses.
“Integration" is the word that defines planning in the city’s living lab area: it describes both the approach being adopted and the interconnected nature of measures within the PORTIS project.  In December 2017, the process to develop a Sustainable...
Experts shared their knowledge and experiences to inspire other cities and parties to embrace sustainable transport. Mobility was not treated as an isolated field, but linked to other societal objectives, such as health, child-friendly measures,...
People who live in Antwerp are mostly used to busy traffic. To change this, the city and its partners have invested heavily in sustainable mobility,  smart mobility planning, and infrastructural innovations.
The CIVITAS PORTIS city of Klaipėda recently held a conference to introduce the project to the local population. Held from 9-10 October, the event - entitled "Sustainable urban mobility solutions for Klaipëda” - gathered together residents with...
On  30 October 2017, the “China (Ningbo) - Romania Industry and Logistics Cooperation Forum” took place in Constanta. Constanta is one of the five PORTIS Living Lab cities, whilst Ningbo is the project's follower city. The aim of the event was to...
The Lillo Bridge is a key crossing point in Antwerp's  Channel Dock (Kanaaldok) area. It constitutes one of the very few routes cyclists can use to pass over the Channel Dock. Yet because ships have crossing priority, the bridge is often...
The workshop brought together the CIVITAS PORTIS cities to present their plans to maximise the impact of their measures by applying the new PORTIS Innovation Guidance. A measure’s success can be greater if delivered concurrently with supportive...
This aims to inform citizens, commuters, and visitors about road works in and around the city and to offer them smart mobility solutions for their day-to-day travel needs.
As part of the project, the Port of Antwerp is developing an integrated truck guidance system to reduce traffic congestion in the port area. Meanwhile, the City of Antwerp is introducing the “Smart ways to Antwerp” strategy, which encourages local...
An ongoing series of webinars from CIVITAS PORTIS is exploring how to foster a change in mobility behaviour patterns and a shift towards the use of more sustainable modes.
A new series of webinars from CIVITAS PORTIS will explore how to foster a change in mobility behaviour patterns and a shift towards the use of more sustainable modes. The project's five cities - Aberdeen (UK), Antwerp (Belgium), Constanta (Romania...
08/05/2019 to 10/05/2019
The CIVITAS Initiative and CIVITAS PORTIS project are joining forces to organise a study visit in Antwerp (Belgium) from 8-10 May. The host and the trip itinerary Antwerp's main transport aims are to integrate its port into the city's transport...


Marijke De Roeck
Project Coordinator
Silvia Gaggi
Project Manager
Ingrid Briesner
Dissemination Manager
Marjolein Salens
Assistent Project Coordinator

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