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Thematic leadership is a program that aims to extend the horizontal exchange between the CIVITAS cities beyond the project borders. The program involves CIVITAS II cities or a group of CIVITAS II cities (joint leadership) who exercise a leading role or possess a special experience in one of the thematic fields of CIVITAS. The information generated in the thematic leadership will be disseminated via the CIVITAS website. This special webspace on the CIVITAS website is now online with all the information about the first thematic leader of this program: Flexible transport systems in Genoa.

This dedicated section on the CIVITAS website provides contact details of all the thematic leaders. The website will also offer a registration tool for potential technical workshops. In addition the website provides you with information to promote the thematic field (such as brochures and a resource pack) as well as with information about all CIVITAS measures, which are relating to the thematic topic. Furthermore, a program for expert visits will be established. The program is designed for technicians from CIVITAS Forum cities and potential follower cities, who will benefit from the existing experiences of the thematic leaders. You will also find special travel information, a downloadable list of recommended accommodations and useful links.In addition to the city of Genoa, who is already a thematic leader in the field of flexible transport systems, there are five additional suggestions for thematic leaderships:Urban bicycle traffic (Odense).Energy aspects of urban transport (Graz).Goods distribution schemes (La Rochelle).Public transport prioritization & traffic control (Preston).Real time information & vehicle location (Ploiesti). The city of Odense accepted to become a thematic leader in the field of cycling and is looking forward to cooperate with all of the cities in CIVITAS.If you are interested in becoming a thematic leader like the cities of Genoa and Odense please visit the Thematic Leadership website and get in contact with Karl Reiter and Fred Dotter from CIVITAS GUARD.
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