Welcome CIVINET Iberia and CIVINET Polska


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Through an open call, CIVITAS made one-off “kick-start funding” available to support the re-activation of CIVINET secretariats in France, Poland, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, or in one or more language areas covering these countries. A total of five applications were submitted, and we are pleased to share that two of these were successfully awarded!

We are very pleased to welcome CIVINET Iberia and CIVINET Polska, who joined the CIVITAS Community as of 1 January 2023. The Secretariat of CIVINET Iberia will be run by BABLE’s Barcelona office, while INnCREASE is responsible for the CIVINET Polska Secretariat.

Read on to learn more about these newest members of our sustainable urban mobility community.


INnCREASE strongly believes in the massive potential of this CIVINET, and is hard at work to re-activate it, with the goal of more actively engaging Polish cities in the CIVITAS Initiative and in implementation of European sustainable mobility policies and strategies.

The CIVINET Polska Secretariat acts as a local CIVITAS ambassador, promoting the initiative’s values and proven results, and sharing good practices from European peers and experts that can support Polish cities in their transformations towards smart, sustainable and inclusive mobility. Promoting synergies and collaborations with other CIVINETs and facets of CIVITAS is a key priority.

Ultimately, the aim is to turn this national network into an eager community of practice for exchange, knowledge sharing, and mutual support. Polish CIVITAS Cities, engaged Polish experts, and other local stakeholders will be crucial partners in realising this vision.

CIVINET Polska operates in English and Polish. Learn more about CIVINET Polska here.


Providing cities with a common space for interaction, learning and action in the mobility sector is essential, given that European 2030 and 2050 climate commitments demand a fundamental transformation of the transport and logistics systems. BABLE is poised to create such a space by facilitating and co-creating the future of CIVINET Iberia with those who will be at its centre: Spanish and Portuguese cities.

The pillars of this re-activated CIVINET will be: 1) bringing together municipalities of all sizes; 2) stimulating partnerships with transport authorities; 3) promoting holistic, shared learning; 4) acting as a bridge to the private sector and other actors; 5) working collaboratively with network organisations already present in the region; 6) collaborating with other CIVINETs; and 7) bringing more Spanish and Portuguese cities into the CIVITAS Community.

CIVINET Iberia operates in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Learn more about CIVINET Iberia here.

Learn more about CIVINETs at: https://civitas.eu/civinets.


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