Monumental cycling motion in Ljubljana

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During European Mobility Week 2011, CIVITAS ELAN Ljubljana team joined hands with other institutions and associations to organise various really attractive, visible and successful cycling events.

  Ljublajana was visited by a famous Danish photographer, blogger and cycling ambassador Mikael Colville Andersen, who gave a lecture on urban cycling, entitled “4 goals for promoting urban cycling”. He was also “the star” of the opening of his European photo tour “Monumental motion” which will be presented in different cities till the end of 2012. The show was exhibited in Ljubljana from 9 September to 25 October.

With the help of the Embassy of Denmark, the City of Ljubljana, Tourism Ljubljana, the City Museum of Ljubljana, the Cycling Network of Ljubljana, the Association of Handicapped of Ljubljana region and others.

An opening of the “open-air” exhibition called “Ljubljana-Copenhagen-two cities-one bicycle” was a very nice and successful event. Andersen spoke about “Copenhagenization”, whereas Vice Mayor of COL, professor Janez Koželj talked about “Ljubljanization” – taking the Danish capital as an example and spreading cycling in the Slovene capital, as well. The Danish Ambassador to Slovenia HE Karsten Vagn Nielsen complimented the cooperation between the two cities.

Along the riverbank of Ljubljanica, at Krakovski nasip, 22 photos of cyclists form the streets of Copenhagen drew the attention of visitors. After 31 July, the Cycling network and CIVITAS ELAN partners selected 22 photos, based on Ljubljana’s amateur “cycle-chic” photo competition that accompanied Andersen’s exhibition on the other side of the city.

On 22 September, a CIVITAS parade was organised, which consisted of cyclists, various sorts of cargo and “artistic” bicycles, built by a well-known sculptor Jaka Mihelič and other supporters of the project. People in wheel chairs participated, as well. The parade also joined a massive dancing performance, »I Breathe Dance«, that took place on Ljubljana’s new central square Kongresni trg.

The Embassy of Denmark, City of Ljubljana, Tourism Ljubljana, City Museum of Ljubljana, Cycling Network of Ljubljana, Association of Handicapped of Ljubljana region and others were involved in the organisation of the activities.

Author: Kontić Vita



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