Introducing the REALLOCATE Project

The REALLOCATE project

An interview with Dr. Aura-Luciana Istrate, Assistant Professor at University College Dublin, on the REALLOCATE project and why we need to re-design our streets for carbon-zero cities.

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What is the REALLOCATE project about?

REALLOCATE is about rethinking the design of streets and public spaces, in view of making a shift from car dependency to more active transport modes. This is very important because by 2030 European cities are expected to see a drastic decrease in transport emissions by at least 50%.

Why do we need to redesign our streets?

We need to redesign our streets to provide suitable choices for citizens, particularly by making them (streets) safer and more appealing for active modes, including also by reducing exposure to air pollution, noise pollution, increasiny greenery along the street. This also requires involvement of citizens on a continuous basis because we'd also like to see a behavioural change.

What connects urban mobility planning with zero-carbon goals?

Connects urban mobility planning and climate objectives is key to delivering the goals of the Mission Cities. These Mission Cities are designated European cities, to become climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030.

How can cities encourage more people to walk or cycle?

Cities can encourage more active transport by, first of all addressing some of the current challenges and limitations that they face. This includes encorporating vulnerable road users in the infrastructure planning, making road infrastructure more attractive for active modes, by planning for nature-based solutions along the streets. This will have to go hand-in-hand with the use of AI and other data-drive decision support tools, and how can this be used to promote actual safety and perceived safety, at the level of the street. Finally, by developing new business and governance models that will scale up some of these strategies to reach climate objectives, especially concerning transport in cities.


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