Citizen engagement in Craiova

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The construction of a new tramline and overpass consistently affects the traffic in Craiova. The Municipality launched a citizens' consultation to gather opinions on the closure of the city centre closure, due to another CIVITAS MODERN measure, during the construction of the new overpass.

The survey took place in mid-June 2011, with the people of Craiova voting in favor of the city centre traffic restrictions. “It was the first action of this kind. We will do the same whenever the situation will require it.” said the Deputy Mayor of Craiova Municipality Marinica Dinca. 58.29% of the voters expressed their interest in keeping the city centre closed. The Municipality will keep the whole downtown area a pedestrian area during the weekend so that people can go for a walk and the area can remain a recreation venue. The survey result was published on the Craiova Municipality official website.



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