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Perugia is implementing a new system for monitoring, managing and controlling traffic in order to increase road safety and security. The system provides drivers with real time information about the level of traffic flows, congestion, any potential safety risks in different road sections and more reliable routes that they might take.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The implementation of all system components has been completd. The sample of roads in which to perform the pilot has been definitively set up. The monitoring centre is mainly based on the use of two software systems: UTOPIA (already in use since 2002) and MISTIC. UTOPIA receives and processes data about traffic flows coming from traffic lights at main junctions.  MISTIC uses the output data from UTOPIA and with the data coming from the sensors installed along main roads, it deepens the accuracy level of the data necessary to update in real time the traffic model. Moreover, MISTIC provides forecasts about traffic and safety conditions. A pilot version of the above mentioned software (MISTIC) has been set up and is under testing procedures.

The drivers will be advised to use more reliable routes by using real information provided through VMSs. The drivers will get information on the risk of accidents (according to the traffic condition). Traffic signals cycles will be adjusted according to level of incident risk.


The system design traffic control strategies in order to identify congested roads and safety risks. This is achieved by an information platform that collects data from VMSs. The system first collects information, assesses this data to make traffic forecasts (real-time) and calculates the congestion level and the safety risks in different road sections. The drivers will be guided - through VMS - to more reliable routes, they will get information on the risks of accidents. Traffic signals cycles will be adjusted according to level of risk on different road sections. The main challenges have been  (i) to establish a system for collecting information and data analysis (ii) methods to plan mobility models and (iii) establish new mobility strategies in order to improve the road safety resulting in less accidents and casualties.


To establish an efficient real-time road traffic control, monitoring and forecasting system with road safety objectives; • More efficient traffic flow; • A more responsive system to events on the road system; • Better information to road users; • More effective data for forecasting;

Improved road safety and reduced accidents.


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