Reconstruction of the main taxi station in Portoferraio

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This measure aims to improve the accessibility to – and the quality of – the main taxi station of Portoferraio.

Implementing sustainable mobility

On the island of Elba, the importance of taxi services cannot be overlooked, as this is a mode of transport that complements other modes and helps fulfil transport demand.

For this reason, the proposed renovation of Portoferraio's main taxi station, located in the port area, was considered an important initiative. The renovation foresaw a relocation of the station to a safer and more visible place, and steps were taken to make it more comfortable and in line with taxi operators’ desires and needs.

Meetings with taxi operators have been held, but the election of a new city administration has put any possible interventions on hold.

After the local elections of 2019, the new political administration started a new audit process in order to better understand taxi operators’ needs and to find the best way of organising mobility in the area; unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic caused further delays, as the meetings were forbidden and also due to a general review of municipal priorities.

In addition, the Port Authority started a design phase in order to redevelop the port area in the section of its competence; therefore, the taxi station, which is located in the port area right in front of the main docks, will be included in a broader requalification design, that will be concluded beyond Destinations.

In the meantime, in order to intervene in the area with a greater awareness, the Municipality of Portoferraio has also retained a consultant to carry out a study of the traffic flows during embarkation/disembarkation operations, based on different scenarios, including an assessment of the impact of each scenario.


Measure outcomes include:

  • Audit process with taxi drivers
  • Study of traffic flows in the port area and inclusion of the taxi station’s design in a broader analysis, in cooperation with the Port Authority
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