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Providing passengers with accurate information on bus departure and arrival times is an effective way of encouraging greater use of public transportation and a shift away from the private car.Photo credit: Mats Persson

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Public transport operators must offer new, user-friendly information systems geared to passengers’ needs in order to attract and retain new customers. The regional public transport operator Skanetrafiken therefore planned to equip the entire bus fleet with real-time information displays, making it easier for passengers to plan their journeys and keeping them informed of possible delays and disruptions.

Ultimately, the aim was to improve the image of public transportation and increase passenger numbers.


Between 2004 and 2007, all city buses and some regional buses were equipped with GPS and on-board computers able to communicate with a central server to provide information about their exact position. During 2007, 40 real-time information displays were installed at bus stops throughout Malmo to display this information directly to passengers. Around 60 existing electronic displays were also updated to show real-time information. Two larger display screens were installed in the main bus terminal in 2008, showing bus departure times.


The availability of real-time information at bus stops improved the image of public transportation among passengers. When the number of bus stops equipped with updated information rose from 44 to 84, the proportion of passengers who state that they would be more willing to travel by public transport rose by 2 percent. The proportion of surveyed passengers who felt that real-time information signs were hard to understand decreased from 20 percent to 16 percent. The main objectives, to increase awareness of public transport services and improve patronage by 500,000 journeys, were achieved.

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