Offering test fleet of e-bikes and cargo bikes

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Active mobility
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This measure consists in offering companies and residents in Årsta the possibility to test E-cargo bikes for a limited period of time in order to find out whether, and to what extent, these vehicles provide a viable mobility option.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Cykelkonsulterna in Stockholm is a private company with expertise in promoting cycling to companies and employees, including via campaigns. They also possess significant knowledge of bike maintenance. 

As part of ECCENTRIC, Cykelkonsulterna will offer companies and residents in Årsta, the ECCENTRIC Living Lab area, the chance to test pedelec E-bikes and E-freight bikes for a month. This will enable them to find out whether, and to what extent, these vehicles provide a viable mobility option.

After the trial period, companies and households are offered the possibility of purchasing the vehicles they have used.

E-bikes and E-cargo bikes provide mobility options for travelling to work, the transport of light freight, and for residents’ leisure and shopping trips.

Participants in the trial were recruited via targeted campaigns and direct marketing together with companies, housing associations, and other groups in Årsta. They were principally directed at car users.

The first test bikes came into operation in May 2017. Since then, the test fleet has gradually grown. By May 2018, it consisted of 23 e-bikes. Electronic cargo bikes were also introduced in 2018.

In the first year, 200 people have borrowed an e-bike or e-cargo bike. After the trial period, participants give their feedback about using the vehicles through a web form. Generally, their reactions have been positive. However, not as many have purchased their own e-bikes following the trial as was originally hoped for - so far anyway. 

In line with this, a real challenge for the measure has been to reach and recruit its principle target group - car users - and to have them to shift from using cars to e-bikes.

More information

Visit the Cykelkonsulterna website here and the measure's website here. HERE

For any questions, please contact Helena Kalland at Cykelkonsulterna - helena [dot] kalland [at] cykelkonsulterna [dot] se




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