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The city of Gdansk is suffering from heavy congestion. A research and implementation study will examine the possible extension of an already planned intelligent transport system that is expected to relieve the situation.

Implementing sustainable mobility

When Gdansk joined CIVITAS MIMOSA, there was no integrated traffic management or any other central traffic control facility. The lack of a central intelligent transport system (ITS) has taken its toll on the city. All lateral routes converge into one central corridor that extends along the coast and connects Gdansk with the seaport of Gdynia. There were plans for an integrated management system for this road. However, these plans did not cover the 180 traffic lights on other roads in Gdansk. These traffic lights are not coordinated and cannot be controlled remotely. In addition, a motorway ring is being built to the south of the tri-city area (consisting of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot). It is anticipated that connections between the ring and the central city corridor will inevitably result in highly congested perpendicular or radial routes. An ITS was identified as a tool to contribute to better access, less congestion, faster journey times and fuel savings.


Measure 8.1 – GDA ITS Deployment was fully theoretical without implementation phase. The main outcome of the measure is a report for traffic management, during mass events, which is compatible with traffic management system TRISTAR implemented in Gdansk.
It included several stages:
•  State of the Art studies
•  Subcontractor selection and preparing relevant specification
• Creation of a subcontracted feasibility study   
The measure tackles traffic problems during organization of mass events which are specific for Gdansk. It assumed creation of a tailor-made feasibility study which constitutes a missing innovative functionality of already existing TRISTAR concept. It is important to highlight that police and emergency services expressed a great need of creating ITS system supporting their work during mass events.


The main output of the measure is a feasibility study “Adaptation of  traffic management system “TRISTAR” to support the transport service during mass events in the City of Gdansk”  including a cost implementation plan of ITS mass events management application. It stays in line with Gdansk`s policy towards development of the intelligent traffic management system.


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