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The measure comprised the design and implementation of a monitoring system aimed at improving the efficiency of the city’s buses in terms of both speed and regularity.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The problem of the unauthorised use of bus lanes by private cars was addressed via a control system, including monitoring devices and relevant warning signs. The system ensures that bus lanes are monitored and facilitates the administration of fines for illegal bus-lane use. This leads to increased bus lane efficiency in terms of bus speeds and reliability. In addition, a public information campaign was launched directly targeted at specific groups of drivers.

Monitoring activities are managed by the public transport operator AMT in collaboration with the local police. AMT installed monitoring cameras across the network in strategic locations, connected to its operations centre. More than 50,000 fines were imposed in 2007 for the illegal use of bus lanes.


Authorisation was obtained from the Ministry of Transport to use the electronic monitoring devices, and agreements were made with the City of Genoa on privacy laws. The design of the system included the definition of a “white list” of authorised vehicles permitted to drive in the bus corridors. An agreement was made between AMT and the local police regarding the fine system.


The measure led to a reduction in the number of unauthorised vehicles using and parking in the reserved bus corridors. As a result of the monitoring devices, the illegal use of bus lanes decreased by 71 percent during 2007. This in turn resulted in increased bus lane efficiency and the improved image of public transportation in the city.


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