Genova (Italy)

With a population of 630,000 inhabitants, Genoa, known as La Superba (The Proud), is the capital of the region of Liguria in north west Italy. The city has one of the largest historical centres in Europe and was included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in July 2006.

The city is spread between the sea and the mountains, with a comparatively long and narrow coastline. The urban centre covers just 28 square kilometres, with a population density of around 10 inhabitants per square kilometre. In terms of accessibility, Genoa has a very difficult street layout due to lack of space and the absence of alternative routes. Nevertheless, its port is one of the most important in Italy.

In central Genoa, the biggest mobility challenge is the unsustainable number of private cars on the roads. A mix of measures is required, including access restrictions and new forms of mobility for passengers and freight. Genoa is active in all the CIVITAS policy areas and has been CIVITAS thematic leader in the field of flexible on-demand transport systems since September 2006.


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