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Cycle trip planning tools were added to the city’s existing car and public transport travel planning web pages, promoting Malmo’s excellent cycle lane network and helping people to evaluate the environmental, health and economic aspects of their journey.Photo credit: Mats Persson

Implementing sustainable mobility

Malmo’s existing journey planning website,, provided information related to trips undertaken by car or public transportation, while the Skanetrafiken site focused on trips by bus and train (

In order to help reduce emissions, improve public health and promote acceptance of the bicycle as an alternative transport mode, the measure was designed to add information about the cycle lane network to these two web pages, highlighting the possibility to travel quickly and safely by bike around Malmo.

The addition of cycling planning tools allows users to make an informed choice between the various available options on the basis of cost, journey time, health benefits and environmental impact.


The bike trip planning tool was introduced in spring 2008, integrated with one of the existing online travel planning sites (Skanetrafiken).


Prolonged delays were encountered in implementation, which was not completed by the end of the project period. Around 3 percent of the general public were aware of the measure due to the lack of accompanying marketing activities.

According to statistics provided by Skanetrafiken during March 2009, on average the bicycle planning tool was used 400 times per week following the launch in May 2008, although it is not clear how this affected travel behaviour.


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