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Information is key to the promotion of public transport. To frequent users and season ticket holders, a hospitable and modern customer centre is confirmation of their mobility choice, while those who use public transport less often are happy to find useful, accessible information in one place.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The availability of accurate information on alternatives to the car is a prerequisite for promoting environmentally friendly modes. The Intermodal Travel Information Centre (ITIC) was established by converting the ground level of a city-centre multistory car park. The implementation of the ITIC was linked with the opening of a car-sharing station in the same building.

At the ITIC, the public transport operator BSAG offers information and various kinds of tickets for public transport operators throughout the region, as well as information on car-sharing services. The ITIC offered an inviting barrier-free atmosphere adjacent to one of the most frequently used public transport stops.


The ITIC was opened in November 2002 at a major public transport interchange in Bremen city centre, on the edge of the pedestrian zone. The centre offered long opening hours (Monday to Friday 07:15 to 19:00 and Saturday 09:00 to 14:30) and provided door-to-door information for the whole city, including maps with walking connections between stops and final destinations. Other services included estimation of travel time and fares for taxis in intermodal trips; provision of information on bike and ride facilities; and the integration of local public transport information into the nationwide public transport information system. Information is also available on cambio, the local car-sharing organization. Visitors to the centre can join cambio on site, and cars are available in the same building.


The ITIC measure was a success story. Besides the already existing ticket centres at the central station and in Bremen North/Vegesack, the ITIC has become the most important information centre for BSAG, where customer care is offered in a modern and centrally located environment.
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