Integrated mobility initiatives for the San Martino Hospital

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The measures focused on improving accessibility to Genoa’s San Martino Hospital and the surrounding area, including the university.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The San Martino Hospital is one of the biggest in Italy, providing some 4,500 jobs. It is located along one of the main streets that connects the eastern part of the city to the centre, where congestion is common during peak hours. The general objectives of the measure were therefore to improve accessibility to the hospital zone; to regulate the public and private traffic generated in the area more efficiently; and to develop a specific mobility plan for the hospital to change the mobility behaviour of employees and visitors. The Home–Work Trip Plan (HWTP) comprised a number of different and integrated measures, including a car-pooling system for employees; dedicated connections from specific points in the city to the hospital; the extension of the public transport system inside the hospital zone; the creation of an infomobility platform; and the use of non-polluting vehicles within the hospital zone.



A mobility survey on movements within the hospital area was carried out, based on interviews with 1,000 people and the resulting data were used to create baseline indicators for the evaluation of the measure. The Home–Work Trip Plan for employees was designed, focusing on infomobility services, car pooling and the extension of public transport services inside the hospital zone.  


  • Average journey times to the hospital were shortened.
  • Access to the hospital improved.
  • Public transport services to the hospital increased by 10 percent.
  • The use of private cars decreased.
  • Parking demand fell.

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