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Brno was seeking to set up a platform to exchange knowledge and share best practise in the field of intermodal infrastructure planning. This network of European cities helped to learn from each others' experience and enhance the urban mobility system in an efficient and successful manner.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Brno was leading the development of a network of European cities on participatory intermodal infrastructure planning to identify and promote best practice. Workshops of the group were open to all CIVITAS partners and external experts.

The main objective of this measure was to:

  • created cooperation between European cities to share experience and ideas on sustainable intermodal mobility planning, citizens engagment and promote best practise.

The platform was used to show various approaches to building multimodal interchanges and the different roles of various means of transport.  The partners seeked solutions on how to support sustainable urban transport, improve the quality of public transport and attract more passengers. Particular focus points were the role of urban planning in the process of building multimodal interchanges, the role of the public in multimodal interchanges, and the possibility of developing surrounding areas as a result of intermodal infrastructure.


Brno set up a group of experts from each CIVITAS ELAN city. They are charged with the preparation of targeted training workshops, conferences and discussions for technicians, architects, transport operators and city administration. The workshops were explicitly designed to include members from the general public. Interviews with passengers and users of interchanges were conducted in each partner city with the aim to gain sociological insights. Its results can be find here.

On 15 January 2009, the first training workshop took place in Brno. Each city presented intermodal infrastructure in their city and there was a presentation from Swedish expert Kurt Huldgren from Resenarsforum with the title “Intermodal and Intercompany stations - obstacles or attractive factors for the passengers?”


Brno expected from this measure:

  • Greater awareness of the possibilities to integrate different modes of transport.


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