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Brno (Czechia)

Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic and the political and cultural hub of the southern Moravia region within a two hundred kilometre radius of Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. It hosts national courts of justice, the internationally renowned Brno Exhibition Centre, and universities where more than 80,000 students study. The city has a long tradition as an industrial centre but is turning more and more towards service industries and research. Through the construction of new buildings, most notably the Tugendhat Villa that has been granted UNESCO world heritage status, Brno has acquired the character of a modern city.

The city of Brno as other European cities has a big challenge ahead to develop and support of sustainable green mobility. This means as a commitment to enhance the use of public transport and the development of infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians as well as the improvement of the public space.

Know more about their Mobility Plans here.

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