Call for CIVINET Activity Fund 2020 now open

CIVITAS Initiative

CIVITAS visit to Tallinn

CIVITAS National Networks (CIVINETs) are invited to submit activity proposals for the period of December 2020 – November 2021. The deadline for applications is 28 September 2020.

The CIVINET Activity Fund Call 2020 supports CIVINETs with:

  • The deployment of innovative mobility solutions in cities through local capacity building and training.
  • The engagement and networking of stakeholders at the local level to overcome language and contextual barriers.
  • The involvement of CIVITAS cities in the CIVITAS network.
  • Partnering of cities with industry and civil society and in navigating through transition and change.

Proposals corresponding to the following five types of activity are invited:

  1. Delivery of capacity building events for cities mobility practitioners and policymakers: Organisation of workshops, seminars and webinars to provide expert advice to members.
  2. Organisation of transfer and take-up activities: Hosting fellow city members for peer-to-peer exchanges on specific measures (for example, site visits, study tours, work placements, undertake feasibility studies etc.)
  3. Production and distribution of CIVINET dissemination material: Preparing local language promotional material complementary to the CIVINET visual identity.
  4. Other activities: For example, attendance of third party events as speakers or participants, collaboration with national EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaigns, awareness raising of the network outside the network zone and exchanges with cities. 
  5. One-off ‘kickstart funding’ for the re-activation of CIVINETs: Financial support to re-establish the CIVINET Francophone, CIVINET Polska, and CIVINET UK & Ireland.

All CIVINETs (secretariats and/or members) – aside from the CIVINET Francophone, CIVINET Polska and CIVINET UK & Ireland - are eligible to submit applications for Activities 1-4. The maximum amount applicants can apply for is €13,000 per CIVINET. Read more on Activity 5 applications.

Activities should contribute to making transport systems and cities more resilient and better prepared to address the negative consequences of disruptive and unexpected events - for instance the COVID-19 outbreak, natural disasters, or terrorist attacks.

Aside to or in combination with this, activities should improve accessibility and connectivity for vulnerable and excluded communities and/or social groups.

Applications should also help realise cleaner and better transport in cities and aid the implementation of the European Commission’s Green Deal policy and the Mobility Package; those with a focus on SUMP uptake and national support are particularly encouraged.

The application forms and further information can be found on the dedicated Activity Fund page. Applicants must submit both forms via email to //civinet [at] mobiel21 [dot] be">civinet [at] mobiel21 [dot] be by Monday28 September 2020, 17:00 CEST.

For further information or questions regarding an application, please contact the CIVINET Helpdesk via the email address above.

Find out more on all CIVINETs here.

Author: Richard Adams


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