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CIVINET Activity Fund

CIVINET Activity Fund

The activities to be funded from the CIVITAS Activity Fund 2020 have been decided on.

This funding programme is supporting the uptake of sustainable urban mobility measures in Europe by providing financial assistance for the activities of the CIVITAS National Networks (CIVINETs). These activities cover the period December 2020 – November 2021. Read more about the CIVINETS here.

Types of activities funded

The CIVINET Activity Fund Call 2020 supported CIVINETs with activities linked to:

  • The deployment of innovative mobility solutions in cities through local capacity building and training.
  • Engagement and networking of stakeholders at the local level, so as to overcome language and contextual barriers.
  • Involvement of CIVITAS cities in the CIVITAS network.
  • Partnering of cities with industry and civil society, in navigating through transition and change.

What will the activities achieve?

The activities will add value to the CIVITAS Initiative’s main assets and to adequately address aspects such as making transport systems and cities more resilient and better prepared to address the negative consequences of disruptive/unexpected events (for instance the COVID-19 outbreak, natural hazards, terrorist attacks, etc),  and/or to improve accessibility and connectivity of vulnerable and excluded communities and social groups.

All CIVINETs will contribute at a local level to bringing sustainable and smart mobility to cities, and realise the implementation of the European Commission’s Green Deal policy and the Mobility Package.

Who received funding?

The following CIVINETs have received funding to conduct activities in the next 12 months:


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