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Zagreb gave seniors the opportunity to express their views, comments and recommendations in order to provide public transport operators with valuable information on improvements that are needed to remove barriers for older passengers. This led to a dedicated training scheme for drivers and front desk staff.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Though older people are a growing user group, they are not usually considered in urban transport policies in Zagreb. There are ongoing activities to make the public transport fleet accessible for this group, but further actions are necessary in order to cope with the needs and requirements of older people. This was addressed within CIVITAS ELAN through the implementation of feedback communication, training and awareness-raising oriented activities.


Regular weekly meetings between partners were held and discussions took place on how to improve the safety and security of public transport in general, giving special attention to the needs of senior citizens. Throughout 2010, 2011 and 2012 there were 15 meetings in senior citizens’ homes in Zagreb. A survey on the Quality of Service in public transport was conducted by ZFOT in cooperation with other partners. Special attention was given to the safety and security in public transport. Citizens’ answers, requirements and suggestions regarding public transportation are also regularly collected at CIVITAS Info point.

ODRAZ prepared a questionnaire to be filled in by senior citizens, which dealt with their public transport habits, safety, communication with operator etc. Possible users were informed of the benefits of new public transportation vehicles, such as the introduction of low-floor trams and buses.


  • Implementation of innovative citizen engagement activities towards specific target groups. Training and awareness raising concepts are planned and executed in order to improve safety and independent mobility of seniors. These types of activities have never been applied in Zagreb prior to ELAN. Different stakeholders (city municipality, PT company, and safety and mobility experts) realized the importance of citizens’ engagement. This confirms the necessity of ensuring full commitment of all measure stakeholders.
  • The understanding among public transport staff of senior citizens’ expectations and needs increased.
  • Participation of senior citizens in public transport related decisions increased.
  • Reduction of the number of injuries in PT. The total number of accidents was reduced by 37.6%. This resulted in fewer injuries as well: the total number of injuries in PT was reduced by 12.9%, the total number of minor injuries in PT was reduced by 13.1% and the total number of minor injuries in tram traffic was reduced by 52.9%. 65% of all accidents involve senior citizens; this indicates the importance of educational programmes in nursing homes to affect the number of injuries.


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