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Application Area

  • Data gathering

Tool Type

  • Hardware

Target Audience

  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


Solution Summary

End-to-end IOT solution including hardware, connectivity and cloud to monitor the fleet of buses in terms of fuel usage/battery charge, faults , drivers and passengers.


Keeping vehicle and assets operational at all times with the right employees and customers is a challenge by itself, as non-working assets can't bring any profit and incorrectly operated and used assets can even cause damage.


Think about having real-time data about the number of passengers in the bus, its real-time location and destination allow you to figure out if you need to take an alternative way of transportation because the bus is full. From the operators point of view they have insights into fuel consumption and state of battery charge allowing them to optimize routes. From a maintenance point of view they have access to information about the faults of the vehicles (e.g. brakes, lights, doors etc.) allowing them to timely plan the maintenance before the problem became critical.


Their devices are installed in buses, trucks, waste collectors, cranes, excavators and other assets and vehicles that allow to collect the data directly into our cloud to get insights into operations and maintenance of the assets.

Input Data

Real-time traffic data

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