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SUMP Self-Assessment
SUMP Self-Assessment

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The SUMP Self-Assessment tool enables planning authorities to measure their progress towards a genuine Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

The Tool is a questionnaire about the most recent SUMP development process and its content, structured along the first 9 steps of the SUMP Guidelines. It corresponds to the SUMP requirements as set out in the European Commission's Urban Mobility Package.

The questionnaire comprises 100 "yes" or "no" questions, each one representing one point, up to a maximum score of 100. Users do not have to complete all 100 questions in one go; they can pause at any time and resume later as long as they continue on the same computer. They can also print out the list of questions so that the most appropriate responses can be discussed with colleagues offline.

After submitting their answers, users automatically receive their results and are awarded a SUMP category. The wider tool “package” also contains very informative background material including a related webinar.

Good Example

Since November 2015, more than 60 planning authorities have used the Self-Assessment to evaluate the quality of their SUMP.

Input Data

Good knowledge about the development of your most recent SUMP

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January 2015
Free of charge
30 – 120 minutes


Rupprecht Consult GmbH

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