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Price depends on licence size (e.g. no. of junctions) & no. of additional modules, starting from €5,000. Discounts available for research & academic applications. Short term leasing also available.

Application time

Depends on project scale. For average corridor project: 2 days training course, 2 weeks building the model, 1 week calibration and evaluation

Assistance required

Training courses are recommended.

Assistance data

Network description (including Public Transport supply and intersection control); Demand (split into different modes)

Tool type


Application area

  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection

Target Audience

  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


PTV Vissim is a microscopic multi-modal traffic flow simulation tool.
Whether comparing junction geometries, analysing public transport priority schemes or considering the effects of certain signalling – PTV Vissim allows you to simulate traffic patterns exactly. Motorised private transport, goods transport, rail and road related public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. PTV Vissim displays all road users and their interactions in one model. Scientifically sound motion models provide a realistic modelling of all road users. As PTV Vissim is multi-modal it is possible to simulate the interactions between motorised traffic and other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, meaning accurate assessments of urban environments can be completed considering all road users in a single platform.
PTV Vissim is rounded off with comprehensive analysis options, creating a powerful tool for the evaluation and planning of urban and extra-urban transport infrastructure. For example, the simulation software may be used to create detailed computational results or impressive 3D animations for different scenarios. It is the perfect way to present convincing and comprehensible planned infrastructure measures to decision-makers and the public.

Good Example

The scope of application ranges from various issues of traffic engineering (transport engineering, transportation planning, signal timing), public transport, urban planning over fire protection (evacuation simulation) to 3d visualization (computer animation, architectural animation) for illustrative purpose and communication to the general public.

Thematic areas

Active mobility
  • Walking
  • Cycling

Collective passenger transport & shared mobility
  • Ride sharing
  • Car sharing
  • Bike sharing
  • Accessibility
  • Intermodality
  • Service improvements

Smart, Sustainable, Connected and Shared mobility
  • Connected and automated transport
  • ITS for traffic

Demand & urban space management
  • Access restrictions and management
  • Road pricing
  • Parking management and pricing

Integrated & inclusive planning
  • Spatial planning / land-use planning
  • Multimodal hubs
  • Cooperation of policy fields and institutional stakeholders
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans - SUMP


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