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Free of charge for users. Cost efficient partnering model - looking for partners to roll out in the rest of Europe

Application time

Positive Drive can be active in your city within days. A campaign can be set up, customized and tuned with local prizes within weeks.

Assistance required

We can offer presentations, sponsor material and webinars in order to explain and assist the functionalities and possibilities of the app and pilot implementation.

Assistance data

GPS and a smartphone

Tool type

Mobile app Serious game

Application area

  • Data gathering
  • Dissemination and communication

Target Audience

  • Metropolitan regions


Positive Drive is the first gamification tracking platform and app of its kind that only positively rewards preferred behaviour in traffic. It combines information and algorithms to give users the right nudges to contribute to solving problems such as congestion, increasing CO2 emissions and road safety.

Positive Drive tracks and registers travelled routes using GPS and rewards users, when shown the desired behaviour, with points: (s)miles. These (s)miles can be spent in our game-room, a playful lottery-like game filled with prizes and interesting discounts. The prizes can be local (offered by local retail) or can be financial incentives (for example from a government), or a mix of both.

Furthermore, users receive a lot of intrinsic feedback, such as burned calories, saved CO2 emission or euros. All very shareable information, just a click away from sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or almost any other social tool.

(Local) authorities, large employers or universities can use Positive Drive to influence citizens’ mobility behaviour in order to reduce congestion, improve the modal split and make people aware of the negative effects of their behaviour, while obtaining valuable data and insights for transport planning. They can adjust the rules – what users are rewarded for – in their city (their “gamezone”) according to their needs and goals.

The platform is extremely flexible and can easily (and cost effectively) be customised to the local situation. It can offer a sustainable collaboration between municipalities, local businesses, employers and travellers.

Good Example

Since 2012, Positive Drive and the Municipality of Breda (NL) have run several successful behaviour change campaigns, such as cycling promotion, cycle 4 school, and rush hour avoidance. They rewarded users with prizes offered by local retail and sponsors, integrated segmented coaching and created targeted in-app communication. They also measured actual multi modal behaviour during ‘De Meetweken’ where Positive Drive is used as a tool to invite its citizens to participate with municipality policy. We use data-analysis to measure the real usage of infrastructure and to find out how to improve mobility policy.

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