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Parquery is a a cloud-based smart parking solution that detects available and occupied parking space locations, along with how long a vehicle has occupied each space. Our solution can also identify improper use of non-parking areas and bicycle and emergency vehicle lanes. By providing parking managers with an accurate view on past, current, and predicted future usage of their parking facilities, we help to optimize operations, revenues and enforcement. Integrated with complementary systems, our solution can also support adaptive street light management, traffic management, and retail services for easy navigation in a smart city.


To ease drivers find a parking spot while improving enforcement of the whole system.


Use existing cameras or install new cheap ones in order to perform image analysis and generate parking information in API form, that can be integrated in any open system. Images of a parking lot were provided by already existing cameras or by low cost cameras installed by our partners. Images are sent to Parquery's cloud server. Parquery analyses the images and provides the information if a parking spot is occupied or not and the duration of the parking. They are delivered to drivers through a navigation system in order to reach the nearest empty spot to their final destination, by the enforcement staff who crosses occupancy data with payment data for better control and by the parking operator to take parking decisions based on empirical data.


Our cloud-based solution is one of the most accurate and affordable smart parking solutions in the market, requiring only minimal investment in IT and hardware infrastructure.


The advantages are:


- Simple and Cost-Efficient to Deploy

- Limited hardware investment

- Can leverage existing cameras to lower overall deployment costs

- Projects scale easily from one camera up to hundreds

- Integrates seamlessly with existing software platforms via simple APIs


// Offerings:


- Real-time and forecast information on parking vacancy and duration

- Parking enforcement becomes a revenue center rather than a cost center

- High project return on investment

- Smart parking infrastructure and data can be used in applications beyond parking management


// Improved Traffic Flow:


- Reduced parking search traffic and congestion

- Efficient enforcement of illegal parking activities improves traffic safety

- Occupancy overview encourages use of public transportation at peak congestion times

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