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Park!RP - Parking Resource Planning Platform
Park!RP - Parking Resource Planning Platform

Application Area

  • Evaluation and monitoring

Tool Type

  • Software

Target Audience

  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions



Our solution is integrated with a wide range of manufacturers of equipment and software for managing on-street and off-street parking. Modern technologies and convenient user interfaces allow you to run paid parking in the city in a matter of hours. After a week of analytic tools, the work of the system will show the main problems of the urban parking space and options for their optimal solution. We support both cloud and on-premise installation.


The cost of the solution depends on the specific configuration and set of installed modules. Please send your request.

  • Significant reduction of traffic and congestion level;
  • Number of parking violations has halved;
  • Half of payments made via mobile app;
  • Reduce CAPEX on parking meters;
  • Opportunity to connect all city parking lots to one management system;
  • And much more...  

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