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Mobile app

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  • Evaluation and monitoring

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  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


Solution Summary

Parklio is a smartphone-controlled and solar powered parking barrier that prevents unauthorized parking. Aside from protecting the parking space, Parklio offers a unique ability to send temporary digital keys to members of the family, friends, guests, visitors, anyone who wants to park temporarily in a certain parking spot. It is controlled remotely with a smartphone via Bluetooth on the distance of up to 50 m. Parklio barriers are solar powered and don’t require any external charging as they have rechargeable batteries which can last up to 6 months on one charge. Parklio barriers are made in Europe from high-quality steel and can withstand the force of up to 6 tons. Parklio Barrier is an ideal smart solution for parking reservations in residential and public areas.


The problem of finding a parking spot is growing and the problem of protection of the parking lot is just getting bigger. Cities are becoming overpopulated and crowds are inevitable. As residential buildings are growing, the number of parking spaces for their tenants stagnates. Such problems come together with urbanization processes. Therefore, the need for a private parking lot becomes more and more important, but the question arises – how to protect and regulate parking spaces?


Parklio Smart Parking Barrier is the safest prevention of unauthorized parking. Parklio is a smartphone-controlled parking barrier which protects parking place and allows sharing digital keys with others. Parklio parking solution can respond to several usages:

  • Physical persons - prevent unauthorized parking in front of their own property
  • Private landlords, hotels, hostels - sending digital keys with or without charge to their guests using the Parklio app so that the parking place is surely waiting for them in front of a reserved facility
  • Parking place renters - all parking lot owners can install parking barriers and thus make the income from parking lots in the comfort of their home and in real-time monitoring the business
  • Cities/counties - cities can organize separate parking lots with parking barriers in attractive locations where citizens and visitors will be assured their parking space will wait for them after booking
  • Businesses with access - the companies with access will be able to provide the parking place to its employees at different time intervals for different employees as well as for clients visiting them

Thematic areas

Collective passenger transport & shared mobility
  • Car sharing

Demand & urban space management
  • Access restrictions and management

Road safety & security
  • Safer roads, bike and foot paths
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy

Integrated & inclusive planning
  • Spatial planning / land-use planning
  • Multimodal hubs
  • Cooperation of policy fields and institutional stakeholders
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans - SUMP



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