Our Street - Visualisation and Analysis of Sustainable Transport Policies

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Free initial demonstration. GPI offers a commercial and project-based price for use beyond the initial demonstration.

Application time

The calibration of individual street or place environments is based on customer input and takes 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the visualised urban environment and the envisaged policy measures.

Assistance required

GPI provides initial implementation, guidance and support, as well as complementary calibration and fine-tuning services throughout the agreed period of use.

Assistance data

Field observed traffic operations and physical elements are digitally modelled. Travellers’ paths are then imported in a realistic 3D environment. Renderings can be viewed as high-definition imagery and videos, or experienced as immersive virtual reality.

Tool type


Application area

  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection
  • Dissemination and communication

Target Audience

  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


Seeing is believing; and believing is the first step to achieving crucial public support and even legitimisation of innovative policies.

Our Street is a visualisation and policy analysis tool which allows city councils, their decision-makers and planners to engage with the public in a truly innovative way by showing first-hand how proposed policies can transform a neighbourhood, street or other public spaces.

As a policy support tool, Our Street demonstrates in a visually attractive and fact-supported way how streets and other public places would look after the implementation of projects. With a critical view at the lessons learned from sustainable urban mobility policies successfully implemented around the world, policy proposals are prepared for visualisation.

The visualisation is able to integrate supporting facts, figures or statements which appear via a scroll-over function. Our Street integrates virtual reality features and brings ideas to life. It offers interactive visualisations that enable decision-makers, citizens and stakeholders to readily “see” and relate to proposals in their actual context. It engages constituents and helps them quickly to develop an understanding of new policy proposals and their benefits.

Our Street supports the development of SUMPs and other strategic transport and urban mobility plans.

Good Example

A pilot application of Our Street was developed for Queens Boulevard in New York City and presented to the Department of Transportation Commissioner and other leadership staff. A suitable community engagement application is currently being discussed. GPI is also using Our Street as a visualisation and community engagement tool for Complete Street designs.

Thematic areas

Active mobility

Collective passenger transport & shared mobility
  • Car sharing

Clean & energy-efficient vehicles
  • Electric vehicles
  • Cleaner fleets

Smart, Sustainable, Connected and Shared mobility
  • ITS for traffic

Demand & urban space management
  • Access restrictions and management

Behavioural change & mobility management
  • Mobility Planning

Road safety & security
  • Safer roads, bike and foot paths
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy

Urban logistics
  • Distribution consolidation schemes
  • Fleet management
  • Urban freight transport plans

Integrated & inclusive planning
  • Spatial planning / land-use planning
  • Multimodal hubs
  • Cooperation of policy fields and institutional stakeholders
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans - SUMP

Public participation & co-creation


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