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Too often, good ideas in local government get stuck in the technicalities of transferring data between formats or making geospatial information available in the open. Mapbox Cities is a mentorship program for cities ready to tackle their biggest challenges using data-driven decision making. With this document we are making the case for why local geospatial open data has its place in OpenStreetMap, the free global geo database. The digital book, published as open source public domain document, introduces public sector organisations to the challenges around geospatial data, open-by-default vs. closed-by-default systems, and how OpenStreetMap as a global volunteer community can offer a vital resource for local governments.

Good Example

OpenStreetMap and Open Data are vital parts of a strategy to build a state-of-the-art transport system for the future in the West Midlands in the UK. This is particularly acute given the position of West Midlands at the heart of several transport networks for the UK. A detailed study about this case describes how the regional government works with the OpenStreetMap community to maintain open geo data.


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