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ISAAC PedBikePlanner
ISAAC PedBikePlanner

Application Area

  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection

Tool Type

  • Guidance document / Manual
  • Option generator

Target Audience

  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


ISAAC PedBikePlanner: Stimulating safe walking and cycling within a multimodal transport environment

The ISAAC tool helps administrations to identify the most effective and appropriate walking and cycling measures for their city. The tool consists of an interactive checklist and guidelines for local and regional policy makers.

The instrument advises based on local conditions; on current travel patterns and modal split, road safety, the road environment, population and policy ambitions. Implementation costs are also considered in the recommendations. The output are tailored suggestions for appropriate interventions, considering several characteristics of cities, their ambitions and target groups related to modal shift.

The ISAAC project develops evidence-based recommendations to achieve modal shift in favour of walking and cycling - without compromising road safety, social security and comfort. The project brought together research findings and expertise from relevant disciplines including health and care, environment, transport and urban planning and traffic safety.

Input Data

Input data is optional and includes average age, car availability, education, income, size, precipitation, temperature, traffic safety, criminality, density, modal split

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Basic Information

March 2019
5 minutes


ISAAC project, hosted by TOI

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