“Evaluation Matters” – A practitioners’ guide to sound evaluation for urban mobility measures

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English, German

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pdf version: free of charge; hard copy: 18,90€

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2 days for reading; 6 months for implementation

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Guidance document / Manual

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  • Data gathering

Target Audience

  • Metropolitan regions


Based on the authors’ rich experiences, this book (180 pages) demonstrates that evaluation of measures aimed at more sustainable mobility is an extremely useful task, which can be learned by everybody.

By integrating theory and practice, it offers richly-illustrated case examples and cartoons to provide hands-on advice. The book provides a framework for thinking about evaluation of mobility-related measures and outlines the necessary steps for good evaluation practice.

Key features of the book:

  • Richly illustrated by very telling comics
  • Clarity through real measure examples
  • A step-by-step hands on guide for practitioners

Many of the examples presented in this handbook have a direct or indirect link to the CIVITAS impact and process evaluation framework and related guidance notes as developed by the horizontal support action teams in each CIVITAS programme phase: METEOR (CIVITAS I), GUARD (CIVITAS II) and POINTER (CIVITAS PLUS). In addition, the handbook also takes on board lessons learned from evaluation activities beyond CIVITAS projects.

Good Example

All CIVITAS demonstration projects of the CIVITAS Plus phase from 2008-20012 (ARCHIMEDES, ELAN, MIMOSA, MODERN and RENAISSANCE) and CIVITAS Plus II phase from 2012-2016 (DYN@MO and 2MOVE2) have incorporated advice provided in this handbook to various degrees. It continues to serve as reference guide for CIVITAS2020 projects and beyond.

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