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“Factor 100” is a campaign of the European ELIPTIC project (Electrification of public transport in cities).

ELIPTIC is a Horizon 2020 project that is evaluating various technologies for electrifying public transport and integrating technologies (e.g. of tram sub-stations) into a wider approach to e-mobility. Among its dissemination materials, ELIPTIC also produced, somewhat unconventional for a transport research project, Factor 100 coasters. The intention was to reduce the core message to few enough words to fit on a coaster: “Did you know that it takes 100 electric cars to achieve the impacts of one electric bus (18m) (but there is not 100 times the funding for electric buses)”.

The Factor 100 campaign was presented at various national and European Commission events, including at a workshop with Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc in October 2016 on procurement of e-buses.

The ELIPTIC project shows how research and technological development can be linked with ongoing political processes. It also underscores the value and relevance of involving municipalities and practitioners directly in European research and technological development projects.

Good Example

The city state of Bremen took the ELIPTIC Factor 100 to the Conference of the Ministers for Transport and the Conference of the Ministers for Environment – both representing the 16 states of Germany.

Addressing the diesel-related air quality problems and the increase of transport-related CO2 emissions, Bremen started an initiative to increase the national funding of electric buses. In May 2017, all 16 German State Ministers for Environment agreed on the Factor 100 proposal for a national funding programme, proposing €100 million in annual funding covering 80% of the additional costs for an electric bus. Such a programme is capable of funding 400-500 e-buses annually. In the context of the Diesel Summit on 2 August 2017, the German government announced exactly such a programme with €100 million annual funding for electric buses.


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